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An Emotional Wreck & Dinner On The Street

Today should've been a great day full of laughs and sunlight. The latter was true, the former, not so much.

How does this happen? I've spent a lot of time working on the new album. I'm scared because once again I'm laying my heart and art out on the line and it's just tough. I don't want a pity party, it's just weird. You spend so much time creating, thinking you're handing something out there that people have been asking for, then you're scared to death it's going to fall flat on your face.

In the words of…

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Un-Cloudy Eyes

I've been home on the couch a lot lately due to back issues. Somehow a few weeks back I irritated my sciatic nerves and I've been on bed rest for almost 3 weeks now. I went out and played a gig Saturday and went into relapse the rest of the weekend. Ugh, I thought I was getting better. 

Anyway, since I've been home seeing the family function and watching/relying on the kids a lot to do my normal stuff, it's been such an eye opener to be there with them and to realize again how fast life is moving by. I can't…Read more

Say hello to Jon and Sally Hall. They just hosted a house...

Say hello to Jon and Sally Hall. They just hosted a house concert up in MI last weekend and we had the most wonderful time. I always forget, but I’m quickly reminded, I usually make really good friends, sometimes life long, at these gigs. This is why I’m so excited about this upcoming “Go West” tour in May. There’s already been some talk on Facebook going around with some friends down in Orange, CA. 

As I wrote Jon a note a few days later I came upon a few words that summed up my time with them. I’ll share…

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My new baby is almost ready to come home to me. I’m really...

My new baby is almost ready to come home to me. I’m really excited about getting to hear her and maybe play her on the new album. She might not be studio worthy yet, she couldn’t have the sound yet of Jania, the one that I’ve been playing almost non-stop for 5 years since I won the national title. She’s got a sound all her own. Russell made sure that I got exactly what I wanted and we built her from the ground up. I was there in December to pick out woods and colors and I designed a special inlay that has…

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National Champion Trip Photos