I've played with Ed Hale hammers for so long I don't remember when I first started with them. I've always loved the balance and simplicity of them. I always feel at home when I pick up my Hale hammers. They have a thicker handle which is really nice. Some people might want a bigger handle to grab onto. I competed with these hammers in 2010 because I felt the most comfortable with them so you could say that they are champion hammers. ;-) They don't cost that much for double sided hammers so give them a try if you haven't already. These are 8 3/8 long. The picture above shows 2 of each, Large, Small, and Round head, largest to smallest head, left-right. The round head gives you a little less striking surface, which is good for strings that are closer together. The large and small head are a bit heavier because of more wood at the head. The round is the smallest of the three. Poplar is the white shaft and cherry is the red shaft.

These are Jill Weimer hammers and they are beautiful. She's got some great styles here. The hummingbird is very sought after. The new butterfly is wonderful. The treble clef is a larger and longer hammer and the swirl is just very fancy looking. They are well balanced and well made. You're gonna love these. My favorite pair of hers is the Double Heart. It feels great in my hands.

These are great little hammers. They feel really good in the hand and they are a nicely balance. I like them best with the leather on them. Or I can make a pair that has mole skin on it. This is a nice in-between sound.

Master Works makes these incredible hammers. Like everything Master Works does, they make these to be a delight to play with and to look at. You won't regret having a set of these in your hammer pouch.

Master Works inlay and exotic wood hammers are just beautiful. They vary in weight due to the nature of making them out of so many different woods but these things a works of art. If you want specific colors or variations, just ask and I'll special order you a pair.