Ted Yoder

"Ted Yoder is the Bela Fleck of the hammered dulcimer" Michael Johnathon (Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour)

As a National Hammered Dulcimer Champion, Ted has released 7 beloved and critically-acclaimed solo albums. His 2019 album Feels Like Home was nominated for Best Instrumental Album by the Independent Music Awards.

In 2016 Ted became a household name when his Facebook Live version of Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” went viral. The video rocketed to 53 million views in 4 days and continues to circulate social media.

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"Leave your expectations behind. You might have heard the hammered dulcimer before, but you haven't experienced the hammered dulcimer until you've heard it played by Ted Yoder." 

Tim Kays - Reporter Northwest Ohio

"In many ways, Ted Yoder is the perfect musician for the 21st century; his passionate playing style and easy-going personality make him a natural online star." 

 "It’s impossible to imagine that one wooden stringed instrument can sound like an entire rock band or a whole symphony orchestra all in one." 

Kristi Wooten - Huff Post

Genre & Touring Overview

Genre - Acoustic Rock

  • Instrumental (hammered dulcimer, marimba, percussion, fretless bass)
  • Cinematic (with option for string quartet)
  • Classic rock/pop & folk covers + originals
  • Set options include originals only or originals + covers (vocals on some covers)


  • Based out of Goshen Indiana
  • Touring company includes 3-4 core band members and 1 sound/merch consultant; additional members may include sound engineer, string quartet, and merch staff
  • Open to nationwide opportunities

Ideal Venues/Events

  • Community theaters & PACs
  • Outdoor concert series (cover & electricity required)
  • Museums, wineries, restaurants with live music focus
  • Music festivals, fairs, fine art & local specialty celebrations
  • Click here for the current concert schedule
  • Minimum stage requirements:
    • 25ft long x 10ft deep (for 4 piece band)
    • 30ft long x 20ft deep (for band + string quartet)
    • Entire stage MUST be in full shade and protected from rain if outdoors
    • Failure to provide above space & cover will result in a $500 surcharge

Draw/Seating and Agreement Options

  • The band is available for intimate settings of 50+, seated layouts of 150+ for public shows, and performed for crowds of 300+ in 2021 in Ft. Wayne IN and Lakeside OH
  • Agreements can be established as
    • Flat rate / guarantee
    • Door split / venue-managed ticketing
    • Band-managed ticketing with flat rate or percentage paid to venue

For social media, booking, and administrative questions contact Sarah Haag at sarah@tedyoder.com

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