Thoughts From Home

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A furry friend and fans around the globe

Why am I avoiding writing this blog this morning? I’m sitting here looking at my list of priorities for today- “write Gidget blog” is at the top of things to do before lunch. So far I’ve packed CDs, chatted with…

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The Sacred Everyday


If you had told me two and a half weeks ago the wonders and trials that the coming week would hold I would have said, “Nah. Only so much can happen in a day.” Let me tell you, it…

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There's a tent in my living room.

There’s a tent in my living room.

4  of the kids are playing Minecraft.

2 teenagers are upstairs on their computers. 

And one small woman is sitting here on a borrowed laptop trying to string more than…

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Just A Letter

An email from Donna to me...

"I've had all sorts of moments in mind to share with you and when I realized it was too much to text a novel idea occurred to me... Why not go back a couple…

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