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The Sacred Everyday


If you had told me two and a half weeks ago the wonders and trials that the coming week would hold I would have said, “Nah. Only so much can happen in a day.” Let me tell you, it is amazing the long journey your heart can travel in a short span when your loved ones are sick. I will try to paint a birds eye summary without making this a forever long message.


There was a medical emergency on my (Donna’s) side of the family. Lots of trips back and forth and phone calls were flying around while we circled…

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There's a tent in my living room.

There’s a tent in my living room.

4  of the kids are playing Minecraft.

2 teenagers are upstairs on their computers. 

And one small woman is sitting here on a borrowed laptop trying to string more than 4 words together. My thoughts are jumbled with spelling lists, menus and family schedules. What was I thinking, waiting till the end of the day to write a blog?!

But here’s something that’s been going on in my brain this week. Ted has been reading me snippets from a book that is really revealing two big…

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A Summer Concert on a 160 year old homestead

Last month we all had the blessing of going with Ted to a super sweet house show held in a barn that's been in the same family, the Knoops, for 160 years. I took the time to grab my camera and boy am I glad I did! I snapped lots of photos and today I get to share my favorites with you.

Gib and Jan Knoop were the hosts of this fun event and the kids and I were excited to be able to ALL GO TOGETHER with Ted, something that hasn't happened in far too long. Let's face it, it's easier to travel 1 hour south in…Read more

Just A Letter

An email from Donna to me...

"I've had all sorts of moments in mind to share with you and when I realized it was too much to text a novel idea occurred to me... Why not go back a couple decades and write something longer than two sentences?! (Gasp)

The kids are so full of happiness. You'd think I'd done a lot more than take them to the library this evening!
They behaved so well.
Jesse remembered to whisper the whole time we were there and walked happily out clutching his Little Einsteins video.
Seth helped…

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Verdant Reflections

 I find myself feeling quite reflective this week. As I've been outdoors, seeing the leaves about to burst open on our miniature crabapple tree, and cleaning up the dead grasses from last fall, I am flooded with memories of our first spring here. Those first months I was daily overwhelmed by the richness of having a whole house to settle into, unpacking games and books that had been in storage for 2 years while we lived in limbo and watching sunsets from our westward windows every evening. Going back just a…Read more