Thoughts From Home

You HAVE What it Takes.

In case you're feeling doubtful and frazzled today. 

In case there's more bad news than good in your newsfeed. 

In case everything went wrong this morning and your list of “to do” is still not done... 


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It's Apple Week

Does anyone remember helping mom in the kitchen, making applesauce?

The kids and I are putting up the orchard bounty this week and it's been fun to watch them enjoy the fun parts!

Steaming away in…

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Our First Florida Vacation- To The Beach!

I seemed to have come out of our beach trips with lots of Boy pictures. It's fun to see them enjoying the sand and sun! Seth has always been our surfer dude. He's showing his true colors here in FL. …Read more

Alpaca and three photo shoots

As I read your responses to the campaign to raise funds for the new CD, the biggest marketing adventure Ted and I have put together to date, I think back to the night we got the photo for the Songs…

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