In this innovative book of major chords, Ted shares with you some of his favorite hammered dulcimer patterns. The "Music Made Easy" series is designed to help you effortlessly learn your way around your HD. Just by playing through this book, you will become acquainted with every major chord on your hammered dulcimer. You will be ready for any piece of music when these chords become part of your repertoire. You will be able to play in any key with this book.  5 patterns is all you need.

Mark Wade has put together some great books and this one is really cool. When you buy any of his books and Stephen Humphries book "2 Hands, 1 Mind" they work great together and will give you a lot to work on. Mark has put some fun drills together to help you get fast, more accurate and to gain agility. You can change the rhythm of the exercises too and that makes it fun as well. All you need is 15 minutes and you'll grow very quickly.

This book/cd combo by Stephen Humphries is so amazing! I believe that what he teaches in this book makes this the most usable HD book out there. I've purchased many books over the course of my playing career and I wish that I would've had this one when I first started. You will not regret spending time with this book! I use Stephen's  methods with all my students, both beginner and advanced, and still personally practice with them today.

This is a brand new book and series by Stephen Humphries. Stephen is a good friend and wonderful hammered dulcimer player. He's probably the most rhythmically sound HD player that I know and I recommend this book to any player at any level. I love this book and it has already helped me to solidify and correct some of my sloppy rhythmic habits. It will transform your approach to arranging and give you tools for years to come. It comes with an audio CD with all rudiments and song samples.

I'm very excited to share this book with you. This is a book that is now in it's 7th edition. I owned the first edition and it helped me Immensely. It has great tunes in it and a lot of good technique for the beginner and intermediate. You won't regret getting this book. It has 33 songs with varying degrees of difficulty. Something to fit everyone.